(Wear gloves throughout the procedure to protect yourself from the oncogenic reagent ethidium bromide, EtBr)

1. Gel making:

Measure out 50 mL of 1X TAE

Weigh out agarose (0.5 g for a 1% w/v gel, 0.75 g for a 1.5% w/v gel)

Mix well and melt completely by microwave or hot plate (it should look clear after heating)

Cool on bench top for 10 min

Assemble gel casting apparatus

Add 50 uL of 1000X EtBr (at 0.5 mg/mL) and mix well

Pour into gel apparatus and let cool until it has solidified and turned opaque (about 15 minutes)


2. Gel running:

Remove comb from gel by pulling straight up

Place gel into running chamber, make sure TAE buffer covers the top of the gel

Combine 5 uL sample and 1 uL of 6X DNA loading dye for all samples

Load 4 uL of desired DNA ladder, load samples into wells

Run the gel at 80 V, 150 mA, 1 hour