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Information on Lab Supplies
Items we get from the stockroom
Commonly ordered lab supplies
Biochemicals we order
Supplies we order
Lab Pertinent Protocols
Digital Copy
General Research Web Tools
Buffer making
Protocol Online
Molecular Cloning Procedures
Agarose gel
Agarose gel extraction (Qiagen) (PDF)
Bacterial transformation
DNA sequencing (see website also) (Excel 2003 file)
DNA sequencing primer list
DNA sequencing result analysis
Ligation (Excel 2003 file)
Miniprep (Qiagen) (PDF)
MGM100 In Vivo Transformations (whole procedure overview) (Word file)
Molecular cloning (whole procedure overview) (Powerpoint 2007 file)
PCR purification (Qiagen) (PDF)
Primer design
Preparation of competent cells
Quik-Change site-directed mutagenesis
Restriction digest
TOPO reaction
Protein Expression and Purification Procedures
Overexpression test (small scale)
Large scale growth
Purification of GroEL (Word 2003 file)
Purification of SR1 (Word 2003 file)
Purification of GroES (single) (Word 2003 file)
Purification of 6His GroES7 (Word 2003 file)
General protein storage and stability (PDF)
Biochemistry Procedures
ATPase assay of GroEL and GroES (Word 2003 file)
MDH re-folding assay of GroEL and GroES (Word 2003 file)
FITC labeling of GroES (Word 2003 file)
Buffer Recipes
Recipe instructions for general buffers in the Chen lab


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